iam an mba student(1st yr) iam interested in doubling my money b investing in shares.can anyone help me out?

i want to make investment in shares and mutual funds and i dont know the procedure. how can i make a start in this thing?can anyone of you can describe me the detailed step by step procedure of doing so. i will be very thankful to that person.

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  1. You can do so by opening an investment account at the bank, depositing money and researching funds on yahoo to buy online. However, I since the economy is heading towards a recession, be prepared to wait a while for your money to double.

  2. Open up your required accounts which are Trading A/c, NSDL (Demat), and Bank A/c if not opened.

    Once done, invest in reputed Mutual funds first, then IPO’s to begin with. They are less risky and quite rewarding.

    When you have cultivated a habit of following the market in newspapers and TV (which everyone starts doing, coz its their money on the stake) you can move on to serious ones like Equities, and F&O, Bullion, and commodities.

    I am assuming you are from India, start reading the ‘Dalal Street’ magazine if possible. Thats the most unsung good resource in this context.

    And if you want more specific info give a synopsized audit of your resources and expertise, and i will be glad to help.

    And never say you wanna double your money, who knows it may be more than that. 😉 ciao.

  3. First, don’t even try to make a killing in the market. The more the potential reward the higher risk the investment.
    (Every time I made high risk investments I lost my shirt. Just don’t do it. Instead, invest for the long run.)

    Read everything you can get your hands on. Go to the library and start checking out books on investing. Especially read anything about Warren Buffet and his investment strategy. (He is the greatest living investor and nobody else even comes close to him.) It sounds like you are a young person and if you learn about investing now it’ll pay off in the future.

    Another general rule is don’t put all of your money into one investment or investment type. You want to have a diversified portfolio. Many books recommend that you should not invest any more than 4% or 5% of your portfolio into one specific stock or industry. (If you really believe an investment is going to be great than it’s okay to invest more.)

    Don’t make your investment decisions based upon what you read in the financial publications. Companies pay money to have positive stories written about them in the financial press.

    Important, when you buy a stock use a “stop losss” order. This instructs your brokerage company to sell a stock if it drops to a certain price. This will limit the losses you incur.

    Avoid full commission stock brokers and financial planners. They only help themselves at your expense. You will pay a fortune in commissions.

    General rule, only buy “no load” mutual funds that also have very low fees. Vanguard offers “no load” mutual funds and the fees are incredibly low.

    Never buy and mutual funds from your bank. It is amazing the high commissions and fees that banks charge. I would also avoid speaking with an American Express Financial Advisor or buying any of their funds. The commissions are just too high and the performance isn’t worth it.

    Financial planners will also try you to buy whatever they make the highest commissions on. Usually this would be an annuity. Just avoid financial planners all together.

    If you open a brokerage account make sure it is with a discount broker. There are many discount brokers out there. eTrade and Datek are just two of them.

    If there is a product or service that you just love, research the company. You can research companies for free by using Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance.

    Right now I would recommend that you buy an S & P 500 Index fund. You can buy this from just about any mutual fund company. I still think Vanguard is the best place to buy it from. (You have to be careful because some mutual funds even charge you an annual fee just to handle your account. Avoid these funds.) An S & P 500 fund represents an investment in 500 of the largest companies on the stock market. On average the US stock market has gone up 10% per year. Keep in mind that some years it goes up 20% and some years it goes down 10%.

    I am also very bullish on healthcare. The healthcare companies own the politicians and this business is only going to get better. A good healthcare fund is Vanguard Healthcare the symbol is VGHAX. I’ve had this fund for about 10 years.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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