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  1. Virtual Visa Presents CLiffsCard, The Card You Never Touch. We are proud to be apart of the TalkGold Community and provide you with our line of services. We currently have 3 line of services we are providing at this time. Below you can see an outline of these services and what they provide.

    CLiffsCard Virtual Visa

    If you value your security and privacy then you will appreciate the CLiffsCard Virtual Visa. Maybe you just need to use our card to verify Paypal, Ebay, Google, or etc. Some of you may just need the CLiffsCard to participate in the online shopping community. Whatever the reason, we got you covered. Our CLiffsCard supports AVS, so if you are visiting a site that requires an address to be attached to the card, no problem. If you are visiting a site that does not require it, simply use any address. We also offer FREE balance and statement checks for your CLiffsCard for the life of the card.

    SMS Services

    Have you ever been to a website that required you to receive a code via SMS to your cell phone? Well if you was unable to receive that message then because of your inability to obtain a US-based cell phone, that worry is over. For a modest fee we will provide you with a cell phone number to receive those verification text messages.

    Bill Payment Services

    If you require our assistance in paying a bill via USPS Money Order, we will provide you with that service. After receiving your payment we will proceed to the nearest USPS location and obtain an official money order on your behalf. We will even mail that money order for you using standard mail. If you require it to be sent somewhere using a shipping method other than standard, their will be an additional fee applied to your order. After purchasing your money order we will provide you with the reference number to that money order so that you can track and confirm it online or by phone.

    Contact Us

    To find out more details about our services please visit our website. We usually have an Online Support Representative to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. Before contacting support please view our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section.
    Virtual Visa Presents:
    “The Card You Never Touch”
    We specialize in Virtual Visa Credit Cards, SMS Services, and Bill Payment Services. Best Quality Service You’ll Find.

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