6 Replies to “I would like to open a bank account is it possible to open an account through online directly?”

  1. Yes you can do it online. Try Bank of America or Associated Bank. But if your ID Information cannot be verified thu the online opening process you will not be able to continue.

  2. You can get the paper work started but you have to go and sign the papers also if it’s a checking or savings account you have to put some money in it.

  3. Yes. My husband and I both opened bank accounts online. Most major banking chains have online account sign-ups. Make sure that you have your social security number, and driver’s license. The only thing is that if you order checks online you wont have any starter checks to use and I think they are more expensive online than in the bank.

  4. Can you please specify which country you are in?
    I see answers with ‘social security number’ mentioned.
    Few countries have this system.

  5. Depends on which country you are enquiring from. You cant do it in India.

    Though in India, few banks allow you to place a request online for opening an account. Upon receiving the request online they depute there customer care associates to reach you and collect relevant documents from you and also make you fill up the relevant forms. And in the next few days you receive your personal banking kit at the address you specified in the account opening form.

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