3 Replies to “I would like to know about investment in Debentures or NCD’s investments in IIFL?”

  1. Public Issue of IIISL NCD : India Infoline Group NCD – August 2011. The NCD Issue with 3 investment options and yield on redemption of upto 11.90% (per … and process-specific solutions in areas like Legal Process Outsourcing.

  2. Raj,
    The broking firm is giving a good return better than the Bank FD. You will get the amount of interest after every year, for 5 years. The companies do not buy back the NCD. Just read the form and see if the NCD will be listed on any exchange. If yes then you can sell in the market. If not you can advertise and sell it. You can contact the share brokers and they will find a buyer for you.

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