4 Replies to “i would like to invest in long term deposit of sbi for my children,can any one suggest me?”

  1. Why don’t you go for PPF (Public Provident Fund) account. The safety and an 8% compounded annual return is bound to attract investors. And, due to the tax benefit because PPF falls under Section 80C, your actual return of 8% works out higher. PPF makes for a safe investment as well as a tax-saving avenue.
    You can invest upto a maximum of Rs 70,000 per annum in the PPF. The minimum you must put in every year is Rs 500. Besides having such a huge leeway in terms of the amount of money to be invested, you can invest the money in upto 12 instalments. You don’t have to put it all in one go.Each instalment can be whatever amount you want it to be in multiples of Rs 100 (though not less than Rs 500). They need not all be identical.
    You can renew your A/c after 15 years for next 5 years.

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