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  1. First of all,let me congratulate you on asking a good question. I know there are many foreign books on investing, but very few Indian Books. I at least know FOUR books with Indian Perspective.

    1- Value Investing And Behavioral Finance by Parag Parikh (Best among the lot)
    2- Stocks To Riches: Insights On Investor Behavior by Parag Parikh
    3- How To Make Money Trading With Charts by Ashwani Gujral ( For Trading)
    4- Financial Planning : A Ready Reckoner by Madhu Sinha (For Financial Planning)

    One tip- I got all these books online from flipkart.com.

    Go through these books. All are good books.
    Also share if you know any-other indian investment books.
    My e-mail id is [email protected]

    With Regards,