I wish to trade in BSE and NSE who is best online trading service provider ?

I would know about best technical analysis software/ program for stock and how to operate them, from where I can learn it, how to get its everyday its data updated. and how to do best technical analysis of any Indian and stocks. How is Metastock etc.

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  1. Angel broking and ICICI direct is the best.

    Reason:They provide you with software that contains all technical analysis tools as well as ODIN which is used for trading in realtime (Intra day) and you wont have to shell out 5000 – 6000 rupees from your pocket to get data because Angel and ICICI provide them for free.As far as using the software is concerned don’t worry about it just tell the person who will come to your place to open your demat account and to install the software and he will explain u everything.

    You can learn technical analysis from books.I would recommend you to buy How to make money trading with charts by Ashwani gujral it will cost you 675 rupees but it is the best book ever written on technical analysis by an Indian Trader.Note – Ashwani gujral is the best trader in India and he appears regularly on cnbc tv 18 and cnbc awaaz

    There are free online technical analysis software which you can use like http://www.icharts.in/charts.html and http://www.indiabulls.com/securities/research/techanalysis/tech_analysis.aspx

    For book visit this site – http://www.visionbooksindia.com and you can also buy that book from any good bookstore.Check this direct link – http://www.visionbooksindia.com/details.asp?isbn=8170947219

    If you want to learn technical analysis in a class then visit this site http://www.sukhiram.com.Their fees is 3000-5000 rupees and they will also give u meta stock for free. Meta stock is a good technical analysis software.

  2. Amibroker,Metastock are good….but u shd try both so as to check your compatibility.

    For data downloa free software named getbhavcopy. jst enter this in google u will get the webpage. it automatically download daily bhav copy from nse an bse exchange website.

    join a group for traders and investors:optiongain.ning.com

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