I will take which SIP plan?

I am already having SIP of 1000rs in ICICI prudential infrastructure Growth Scheme.I want to start another SIP of 1000rs.Shall I opt for same scheme or for different schem(From same company or different).Planning to invest for 3-5 years atleast may continue further also.
Which option will give me more benifit.?
thanks in advance.

I will take which SIP plan?
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  1. SIP is the best way of investing in MFs

    Do not put all your eggs into a single basket.

    Consider investing into some other schmes if you are planning to invest more into MFs

    Happy investing

  2. Considering current market scenario, I wonder how sure you can be of a 5 year tenure in SIP/MF/Equity.

    Consider a special monthly investment plan from LIC. Expected TAX FREE returns are 10% p.a.

    It is NOT equity linked.

    Free risk cover attached.

    We can discuss in detail if we can talk.

    Bhushan Sheth
    MBA, MS (Insurance), AIII
    +91 9967280006
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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