3 Replies to “i wanted to invest Rs.8000/- pm via in Mutual funds for 4 years…shud i go with large cap based MF or midcap?”

  1. You may invest in SIP in two or three schemes. There is no large cap or mid cap in MF. Read any one of the ‘Outlook Money ” magazine and select three/ four good MFs from their OLM 50

  2. Mutual funds in india are subject to market risk, so if markets performed well in future, we can see decent return from mutual fund investments.

    mutual funds (markets) performed really very bad in last four years.

    Which funds to select
    Go with mutual funds with good track record
    Like HDFC Equity fund, HDFC top 200 Fund, Franklin India Bluechip Fund.

    Investing in Pharma, FMCG, Gold, can also be considered as good option, as these sectors performed good even in bad market condition…

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