5 Replies to “I want to withdraw money fromm my ppf, Where do I have to submit my PPF form?”

  1. If you are asking about provident fund so you need to firstly ask to your company`s HR office, because normally people submit there only. Otherwise you can visit to PPF office of your city.

  2. just fill the form 19 and 10c and you can directly summit any district EPF regional office only ,with your bank passbook and 4 revenue stamps no need of photos .

  3. If PPF account with bank, you should go to the branch where you have the account and close the same. But that may probably call for some charges to be deducted if the account is closed within the lock in period. There is also and option to have loan against your PPF amount, the value is limited to you earlier deposited in the account.

  4. Money from PPF a/c can be withdrawn partially (as per rules) only in the 7th year.

    Submit withdrawal form in branch where you have the PPF a/c.


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