3 Replies to “I want to withdraw half of the sum in my Mutual Fund (Not SWP) while I want the other half to remain?”

  1. u can redeem partly the number of units…
    which fund did u invest in????
    details about the redumtion will be mentioned in the offer document…go thru it…
    i wish u good luck…!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You must be having the Account statement of the mutual fund you have invested in.
    On the bottom side is a small form meant for additional purchase, Redemption, Shift etc.
    They have option of redeeming an Amount or Number of units. You can select either.
    You can fill up this form and submit it to the nearest office of the Mutual Fund Company.

    If you are from Mumbai I cud help in this process. I am into selling of Mutual Fund Schemes.
    Get in touch for more info

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