6 Replies to “I want to start SIP monthly in UTI gold ETF. Is it good choice?”

  1. As you might have seen.. gold has grown to about 45% in last 2 years.
    It can be a good option… do monitor your investments regularly.

  2. No UTI Gold ETF is not a good choice compared to Gold BeES by Benchmark.
    Infact GoldBeES is the most profitable among the six gold etfs in India. So I think you should go with Gold BeES, you may try looking into their website http://www.benchmarkfunds.com for more info on Gold Fund

    All the best!

  3. Yes, its a good choice, but then, better choices are available too. I will not suggest you to go for it if this is your only investment.
    As a investment topup, it may be a good choice.

  4. Gold ETF is undoubtedly a better choice. however i dont think you should go with UTI gold ETF. Instead you could go for Gold BeES because the returns are great.

  5. cannot answer this questions as you have not mentioned your risk capacity. have you invested in MF or equity before. do you have demat account. have you purchased gold before either phycially or thru demat ?

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