7 Replies to “I want to start a business with an initial investment of about 80,000. What is the best option?”

  1. Do you want to start a business in the IT field?

    I mean, there are so many options. You could start a small business that focuses on developing websites for small companies. Or a business which develops software programs or databases for companies, or even both.

    Another idea could be the technical side where you go around and help people fix computers, or fix anything that has to do with electronics and IT and computers. You could even build computers and desktops for people, or just be the distributor of components?

    There are a lot of paths to choose from. Good luck with it all!!

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  3. There is a Government program that provides “Grants” (non-refundable) directly to Innovator Individuals of INR,75,000.-(in two installments) and up to 15Lacs for Innovative product or application concepts development. More funds are subsequently available even to commercialize a serious project. As you represent yourself with a B.E., why not venture into some product development and license the same to some manufacturing entities to generate revenues. Development concepts/ Ideas available based on your aptitude & expertise

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