2 Replies to “i want to open consultancy in financial services? But don’t know how?plz help-deepika?”

  1. Dear deepika since I am not aware of your Educational Qualification and Experience I can not give you specific Answer.however to be a financial consultant you need to be Minimum A chartered Accountant or a Post graduate in Business Management in finance. you need to have some Exposure into the Financial and Commodity Market.Since you want to specialise in investment consultancy you need to be in employment in the financial market for two to three years so that basic fundamentals of investing are clear simultaneously you need to develop your own contacts particularly high et worth people and NRIs who are interested in whatever product you are offering.you need to be through in your subject and your advice should be conservative with first interest is safety of your clients interest.Slowly you will create your base and your practise will flourish.you should be result oriented with total commitment to you work irrespective of the outcome.in the beginning it will be tough but all challenges are tough you must read most of the Financial Papers and watch business Channels.your Knowledge should be up to date.with single minded focus you can establish your self.one thing I assure you surely you will have me as your client when you are having your own consulting Firm.Think and take more and more suggestion from your friends and your respected Parents and you must know clearly you are cut out for this carrier only.

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