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  1. 12.36% including surcharge and e.cess

    12% on basic price
    10% surcharge on tax

    3% e.cess on tax

    Mr. Tulsi Gupta
    For Samarpan Consultancy Services

  2. hey dude……….its flat 12.36% ( 12 base rate + 3 %cess tax) no surcharge

    Name of taxable service

    Stock broking
    Internet Café (zzf)
    Telephone connection (b)
    Management, maintenance or repair (zzg)
    Radio Paging (c)
    Technical testing and analysis (zzh)
    General Insurance (d)
    Technical inspection and certification (zzi)
    Advertising agency (e)
    Forex exchange broking by a broker other than those covered in ‘zm’ above (zzk)
    Courier (f)
    Port other than those covered in ‘zn’ above (zzl)
    Consulting Engineer (g)
    Airport Services (zzm)
    Custom House Agent (h)
    Air Transport of Goods service (zzn)
    Steamer Agent (i)
    Business Exhibition Service (zzo)
    Clearing and Forwarding ( j )
    Goods Transport by Road (zzp)
    Man Power Recruitment and Supply agency (k) Construction of commercial complex (zzq)
    Air Travel Agent (l)
    Intellectual Property Service (zzr)
    Mandap Keeper (m)
    Opinion Poll Service (zzs)
    Tour Operator (n)
    Outdoor Catering Service (zzt)
    Rent- a- Cab operator (o)
    Television and Radio Programme Production (zzu)
    Architect (p)
    Survey and Exploration of Minerals (zzv)
    Interior Decorator (q)
    Pandal and Shamiana (zzw)
    Management Consultant (r)
    Travel Agent (zzx)
    Chartered Accountant (s)
    Forward Contract Brokerage (zzy)
    Cost Accountant (t)
    Transport through Pipeline (zzz)
    Company Secretary (u)
    Site preparation (zzza)
    Real Estate Agent/Consultant (v)
    Dredging (zzzb)
    Security Agency (w)
    Survey and map making (zzzc)
    Credit Rating agency (x)
    Cleaning service (zzzd)
    Market Research agency (y)
    Clubs and associations service (zzze)
    Underwriter (z)
    Packaging service (zzzf)
    Scientific and technical consultancy (za)
    Mailing list compilation and mailing (zzzg)
    Photography (zb)
    Residential complex construction (zzzh)
    Convention services (zc)
    Registrar service to an issue (zzzi)
    Leased circuits (zd)
    Share transfer agent (zzzj)
    Telegraph (ze)
    Automated teller machine operation , management, maintenance (zzzk)
    Telex (zf)
    Recovery agents (zzzl)
    Facsimile (FAX) (zg)
    Sale of space for advertisement (zzzm)
    On-line information and database access and/ or retrieval (zh)
    Sponsorship (zzzn)
    Video tape production (zi)
    International air travel (zzzo)
    Sound recording (zj)
    Containerized rail transport (zzzp)
    Broadcasting (zk)
    Business support service (zzzq)
    Insurance auxiliary (General Insurance) (zl)
    Auction service (zzzr)
    Banking and other financial (zm)
    Public relation management (zzzs)
    Port services (zn)
    Ship management (zzzt)
    Authorised automobile repair and maintenance (zo)
    Internet telephony (zzzu)
    Beauty parlour (zq)
    Ship Cruise tour (zzzv)
    Cargo handling (zr)
    Credit/debit/charged card (zzzw)
    Cable Operators (zs)
    Telecommunication service (zzzx)
    Dry cleaning (zt)
    Mining of mineral, oil or gas (zzzy)
    Event Management (zu)
    Renting of immovable property (zzzz)
    Fashion designer (zv)
    Works contract (zzzza)
    Health Club and Fitness Centres (zw)
    Management of investment under unit linked insurance business (ULIP) scheme (zzzzf)
    Life Insurance (zx)
    Stock exchange services (zzzzg)
    Insurance auxiliary service (life insurance) (zy)
    Services provided by a recognized/registered association (commodity exchanges) for transaction in goods or forward contracts. (zzzzh)
    Rail travel agent (zz)
    Processing and clearing house services in relation to processing, clearing and settlement of transactions in securities, goods or forward contracts (zzzzi)
    Storage and warehousing (zza)
    Supply of tangible goods services (zzzzj)
    Business auxiliary (zzb)
    Commercial coaching or training (zzc)
    Erection, commissioning or installation (zzd)
    Franchise service (zze)

    hope it helped you

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