4 Replies to “i want to know about the ulip in india?”

  1. ulip is not any organization as seems from your question. It is a scheme where part of your money goes to mortgage charges, partly to fund management charges and major part goes to investment in indian economy in form of equities and debt.
    In current scenario, with high growth in indian economy, ulips are very popular

  2. ULIP is Unit Linked Insurance Plan. The plan is for 10 years and above. Life is insured under this plan. Its a scheme of Life insurance corporation which provides insurance protection against death.

    If you select plan of Rs.60000 for 10 years then you have to pay Rs.6000 every year for 10 years. The insurer pay some amount towards insurance premium and remaining amount is invested in units to purchase stocks and bonds. Every year you get statement of holding in units and whatever bonus is declared is invested in purchasing more units. In the final year you will get Rs. 60000 plus bonus and charges for administration are deducted.

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