8 Replies to “i want to invest some money that monthly 5000 through sip.so give me the information about the best sip?”

  1. Is ICICI out of your option ? Fund management of ICICI is the best among all. It can be gauged from the fact that starting in 1994 it has grown to be the second largest bank of India in such a short period. However, choice is yours.

  2. There is nothing like the best SIP. At present the best returns are provided by Birla Sunlife Mutual fund or DSP Black. Invest in any of their equity schemes

  3. Invest in Good Diversified Mutual funds via S.I.P. like HDFC 200 Fund (Large Cap)
    and Reliance Regular Saving Equity Fund ( Small-Mid Cap). Invest 1,000 Each every month. Choose Growth Option. I am sure, it will be very good return.

    For 5,000 , 2 funds are ok

  4. You may invest in 3-4 funds through SIP(ECS)

    I would suggest a few funds:

    1. HDFC Top 200

    2. Reliance Equity Fund

    3. Birls Sunlife Frontline Equity

    4. UTI. Banking Sector

    5. UTI Opportunities Fund

    6. Religare Contra.

    Have a nice day !

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