I want to invest Rupees 50000 for a year.?

I want to invest Rupees 50000 for a minimum time period of 1 year, which mutual fund will be the best? Any other suggestions are also welcomed.

I want to invest Rupees 50000 for a year.?
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3 Replies to “I want to invest Rupees 50000 for a year.?”

  1. if you invest in our corrupt country that is equal to digging your own death trap/tye a rope around your neck and give it to a third person /suicide.
    in U.K only 6crore people were there to meet their govt expenses their tax for petrol leads to Rs100/litre , in USA there are around 30crore people were there their petrol price is around Rs25/litre but india there are 120crore people (as per corrupt records, in reality more than 1000 crore) but the petrol price is around Rs70/litre.
    if thirty percent of indians uses petrol that is equal to 36 crore customers! what a profit! what is doing our country with such a huge taxes ? simply inflating govt.employees salaries and public tender values to loot the money and deposit it in filthy hands.
    now they started to steal from bank accounts , lic policies , and other deposites so it IS WISE TO INVEST IN THE FORM OF LAND OR GOLD OF YOUR OWN .

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