3 Replies to “i want to invest Rs.50000 for 1 yr. as fixed deposits. should i go for SBI ?”

  1. invest Rs50k with myfxfunds
    what if your money makes you 1 – 10% or 10% to 200% per month
    with no risk at all,what if you dont need to work and just enjoy life
    what if you can watch your wealth growing while you are having fun
    google for myfxfunds

  2. you can try investing in 50% in bank deposit
    next 50% in jaiprakash associates in FD
    they give more returns compare to banks.
    but it is less ricky compare to market risks.

    SBI is int rates are reduced now.
    so go for the private banks. they give extra 1 percent compare to SBI

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