6 Replies to “I want to invest Rs. 2000 per month for 3 years in mutual fund.?”

  1. first i want to suggest u that invest in two different mutual fund,1-reliance growth 2-hdfc top 200. this two mutual fund giving best results in past. divide your investment in these two funds. you will get about 20 to 25 percent . all the best for rest

  2. Risk and return go hand in hand. So it not wise to always go for maximum return, instead look out for consistent return over the period.

    If you want maximum return then you need to research a lot and select stocks with great growth oppurtunity or invest in sector funds. This is risky and difficult, but have potential for maximum returns.

    For consistent return, invest in well diversified MF like Reliance growth, SBI MSFU Contra, Kotak Oppurtunities, UTI Oppurtunities regularly through SIP and you should expect 15-20% average return.

  3. First of all it is very important for you to understand that though mutual funds provide high returns but a very high degree of risk is also attached to it.
    It is very difficult for anyone to predict how much money i.e profit or loss you will make at the end of three years.
    Since it is your hard earned money i would advice you instead of following anyone’s advice blindly you should consult any expert for this matter.
    In cases of investing money trust only those who are in this business for long and also have a reputation for it.
    I know one such firm moneysukh.com and can recommend it to you.
    Try to consult their experts before arriving at any such decision because i am sure they can solve any query related to mutual funds,stocks and shares.
    Good Luck

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