4 Replies to “I want to invest Rs. 2000 as SIP in HDFC Top200 n I don’t want to pay entry load, who do I contact?”

  1. I am working for ICICI Direct Bangalore..

    You are suppose to open an Investment Ac which ll cost u around 500 Rs .where u ll get a saving acount and a demat ac .

    Where u can buy mutual fundz online …
    it ll be activated within 1 week…
    contact ur near by ICICI Center or for More info .. u can also contact me ….

  2. contact nearest HDFC AMC office. they will give all the required information. invest directly or online following their guidance. afterall they are going to make the redemption payments.

  3. Download forms from internet. Fill it. Find AMC address of your city in Internet. If any doubt, find telephone no. of HDFC AMC (not HDFC securities or HDFC Bank…these guys charge entry load) and speak to their help line. Courier your fully filled application with cheque.

    Other tips: Opt for auto debit every month. Do not default- ensure enough funds on due dates. Ensure u hv enough money in your bank account. Obtain internet access to your mutual fund folio (this will be very handy to buy, sell, scrutinize). Opt for e mail statements (instead of paper statements) and store them in pen drive (save forests, easy to store).

    Good luck

  4. First of all i want to congratulate you for choosing HDFC TOP 200. this is one of my favorite fund in large cap segment. You can go HDFC AMC and buy this fund. there is no entry load.

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