7 Replies to “I want to Invest Rs.1Lac for 6 month period , what are the best options which will give good returns.?”

  1. There is an element of risk in investing in stocks. Yet for such a short period it is still best to put in your money in stocks like L&T, RIL, HDFC bank,AIRTEL, and such other good stocks. And you should also be waching the performance of the sensex and sell them at the right movement.

  2. Generally speaking 6 months is not a good length of time to invest in the stock market. There is no guarantee that your shares will go up and in the current climate you may not receive any dividends. If you are going to need all the money in 6 months time then you should not put it in the stock market. Any reputable financial advisor will tell you that. Most available products are based on at least a 1 year investment period – ie funds or savings/income bonds and even if they’re not then the dealing charges and admin fees will soak up any profit you might make.

    As for the riskier markets favoured by some other users – don’t even go there. Last time I looked icici were offering v. reasonable interest rates

  3. Bank Fixed Deposit is safe investment.
    If you have demat account and investment in shares and having through knowledge of stock market this is a good time for investing in shares of good, fundamentally sound companies. Or you can purchase Tata Capital Secured Non convertible debentures listed on stock exchanges.. They give above 11% interest. You can sell them any time you want.

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