I want to invest Rs.100000(one lakh only).. but i don’t know how and where for best return…?

I want to invest Rs.100000(one lakh only).. but i don’t know how and where for best return…?
in a time of 2-3 years.. so please help me how and where to invest..
I have a small portfolio also from past 4month..
11 Goldbee (9% growth)
100 DishTV (14% growth)
15 Ipca Lab (13% growth)
15 Coal India (24% growth)

And some of MF SIP (1000/month Each) from Past 4 month
Bilrla Sun Life Eqty Fund Growth (-1.5% Down)
HDFC TOP-200 (G) (+1.5%)
Kotek Gold Fund (G) (+2%)
Rel. RSF Eqty (G) ( +2%)
ICICI Pro Discovery (G) (+8%)

if any “Portfolio/Fund Manager is there please help me about my Investment with that I can Invest about 5000/month too

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  1. Yes your research is good mutual fund is the best option for investment as a long time horizon but selection of fund is very difficult you should take help of any financial advisor for choosing a better fund

  2. Lots of research it is confused you for selection and you never invest at best place if you think more as per my view you need a good advice of some one who are expert in financial planning but one problem is there you give fees for advice

  3. Investment in mutual fund is wise but it’s depends on your risk taking capacity for aggressive investor equity fund is better but some investor never take more risk for them debt fund is suitable

  4. Share market give all time better return after a big scam like Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh but it needs to stay invest for long term

  5. You should invest in direct share market instead of mutual fund because you have a good amount like 1 lakhs i hope you get more then 5 lakhs after 5 years in share market but in mutual fund you get just twice.

  6. You need to develop an overall strategy for your investments and then work accordingly

    If you are working then you should invest in equity through Mutual Funds as it will require constant monitoring to make the best results from Direct Equity.

    Pls read more advice on my following site for an overall strategy and specific advice. Hope this will help you

  7. Hey, let me first congratulate you for a great work of research that you have done… Trust me, not even 5% people do this much of research before investing their money into stock market. Well, if you are talking about shares, yes the idea given by you is somewhat very true. Well keeping all the things in mind. I would like to suggest you that keep investing in SIP’s as they might help you in improving your earning at a better pace.

  8. If you want to invest such a big amount, I would suggest you take advice from some reputed financing firm like GEPL Capital. The experts there will help you optimize your existing portfolio as well as guide you investing 1 lakh rupees so as to gain the best returns. They also have an online platform through which you can monitor all your investments from the comfort of your home. They will also guide you in updating your portfolio timely according to the market moves so that your investments always gain maximum returns.

  9. share market trading is first
    mutual fund is 2nd
    land only in long term
    gold is also for long term
    bank deposit is the last if you can’t take any others as TDS is a problem

  10. You have a good mix of equities and mutual fund units. But the quantities are too low. You need to invest in some good quantity to reap benefits of investing in shares.

    Share investments will definitely offer you lots of real earnings over a period of time. But suggesting something without knowing your targets, your financial goals, your stress ability etc is almost not correct. A good portfolio manager will never do this for sure. ( am in the share broking space for a long long time and can vouch for this).

    Learn more about markets and you will be happy. Please feel free to email me if you need some information on the subject.

  11. You have split 1 lakh into 9 investments which is a bad idea. Please seek the help of a financial planner or play safe by investing in diversified equity mutual funds. Limit these funds to 4 and invest systematically which you are already doing. A couple of funds you already have on your portfolio are good and you can continue building around that ( like HDFC TOP 200)

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