I want to invest Rs.1000 p.m on Mutual Fund for long term for my son’s education?

I am very confused whether to get an insurance and invest in MF under SIP. i have already have some insurance around Rs.3 lakhs. so what shall i do now. invest in mutual fund or purchase an insurance? if insurance suggest me a good insurance plan and if investment suggest any best fund….

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  1. Since you already have an insurance, you should put your money in MF through SIP.
    Please note : Insurance is not an Investment.
    You can invest in HDFC Top 200 Fund ( Growth Option) for Large Cap and Sundaram Select Midcap Fund.

    If you have any questions you can reach me at [email protected]

  2. Better option is investment in Equity Diversified Mutual Funds through Systematic Investment Plan.
    Equity Diversified Mutual Funds are better managed than any other financial products available in market, research based, low expense, and returns can be expected at 20% CAGR (ie.Compounded Annualised Growth Return) year on year basis.

    If the tenure of your investment is less than five years then you must invest in MIP mutual funds.(MIP funds invest 85% money in debt instruments and 15% in Equity instruments) you can expect 8 to 10% retuns in MIP funds.

    Recommended Funds are

    Please feel free to contact me for forms and more information at

  3. Invest in Equity Diversified Mutual Funds Via S.I.P. In Long run, equity gives best return. you can invest in reliance regular saving equity fund or hdfc 200 fund.

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