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  1. Investing in mutual is beneficial from the sense that u dont have to worry a lot about your money, professional money managers do the job for u, returns are in the range of 20-30% p.a, in some cases it is much more, advise you to invest in New Fund Offer(new MF offered at 10Rs), coz u get more units and returns are also better, I know u too wanna join in the bandawagon of earning a few bucks easily, but beleive me if itsin your destiny you earn, else this stock market is a RICH PEOPLE GAMBLING DEN, no fundamentals, no data as such for sure shot prediction, I say MF is better option

  2. yes, u r right. U pl. learn which MF is more attractive and study their return, then go for investing. They r definitely good for tax benefit.

    But share market is also profitable, but we should buy at the right time, when the markets fall, and also sell them when they go up. Then u can book profits.

    Even Mutual Funds also move as per the market conditions. Investing in shares is not bad. We should observe the market conditions. ok.

    Best of Luck

  3. their are lots of things to do like u have to keep full knowladge about market for that read moneycontrol.com. second u should have basic knowladge about all these. adn share is all about luck and good idea. which is risky in the other hand MF is good and less risky. one more thing u should have that amount to invest in share and to take loss also.

  4. If you are new at investing you should buy a index fund which seeks to replicate the proformas of the broad market. A total market index attempts to mirror the performance of the Wilshire 5000. This would be a good choice. The way to increase return without increasing risk is to increase the market size. The Wilshire 5000 is the broadest based US index.

  5. if you are an indian you can invest in ICICIprudential in india.you can avail tax benifits–80c for the amount that you invest-80d for the mediclaim that you invest-10 10 d for the amount that you reap after the{ lock in period} which is only 3yrs—mutual funds–the firm invest your money for you in different shares. they invest and re invest it to avoid any risk.after 3 yrs you are really granted double the amount.log on to iciciprudential.com for details and scrap tome rejicheruvath at the orkut

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