15 Replies to “I want to invest, monthly basis around 2000 month, where should i invest? Objective is to get returns in short?”

  1. put that money into your own private retirement fund….. with the economy the way it is, don’t expect to be getting your social security when the time comes!

  2. You could invest in me….
    I could quit my job and concentrate on my website and book writing.
    I would be your friend for life and you could come round and visit any time you want. We could chat every day on the phone. I’d be your best friend 🙂

  3. high invest high return vice versa
    Just save some of your money for raining days because you only get 2000 /mth. A lot expenses. unless you din spend at all

  4. investing is meant for long term, not short term – if you are planning on investing 2000 each month, how much do you expect to make is 3 months? average LONG TERM stock investment returns are around 10-11% per year – over many years – there is no guarantee on profits – in teh short term, you are just as likely to LOSE money as make money

  5. If you don’t have a lot of investment experience, then a mutual fund or index fund that matches to your risk tolerance might be a way to go.

    There are many mutual funds to pick from, and the level of risk can vary substantially, from very conservative to high risk.

    It would be best to sit down with a financial advisor and do a personal risk assessment for YOU.

  6. my suggestion ,you should invest in mutual fund( monthly SIP mode).because you are in beginner stage in invest line.mutual fund like sbi-coma,sbi-contra,black rock,reliance infra.etc are suitable for you.

    In ULIP you have to give more charges comparing with Mutual fund.

    Another thing Sahres are more risk game for you.

  7. Dear,
    Short term not good idia anyhow I preferred for you a good mutual fund “reliance pharma fund ” for 6 month.Natural resource for long term.


  8. 2 possible options. Insurance-linked investment that allows premiums to be paid on a monthly basis. Shop around for one that fits your needs.

    The other is to buy individual stocks and accumulate it. But you must know what you are doing as stocks carries a high risk if you pick the wrong ones. If you are not sure of what to do then you should invest in yourself by opting for courses and seminars that teaches you on investment.

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