8 Replies to “i want to invest in tax saving mutual fund kindly suggest which one or ones are better for me.?”

  1. municipal bond interest payments are not taxed but they are priced accordingly so the tax savings are illusory. the best way to save taxes is to invest in tax deferred investments like 401k and ira plans. i might also suggest roth ira plans. in those plans you invest after tax funds but you don’t pay any tax on returns that your investment generates.

  2. “Tax saving” mutual funds can be either “tax exempt” muni bond funds or so-called “tax efficient” funds that seek to minimize the tax bite. Go to Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, etc., to look at their “tax efficient” funds.

  3. if you can afford to risk, you will make a lot of money
    in nowadays market crisis, any investment is risky but i can let you know the potential one, can lose some but recover all with lot of profit, in this market , impossible not to lose some but in the end will profit, if you are serious to invest, you can google for HSFX Asset Management and start thinking to make consistent profits!

  4. You must be aware that there is a cap on tax saving investments (1lac)
    ELSS has a lock-in period of three years. SBI Magnum Tax Saver is also a good option. You may also consider Birla Sulife Tax saver. Consider the route of SIPs to minimise risk.

    Good luck !!

  5. you have taken right ones. As you suggest risk but has a limited amount on tax benefit, it is better to go into unit linked insurance investments having retirement benefits.

  6. IF u have invested in any Tax saver fund let that be for long term atleast 3 years lock in period… I am sure u will get a good returns on it…

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