5 Replies to “I want to invest in reliance mutual fund natural resource will it give good returns ?”

  1. Maybe, and maybe 12, 16, 26, 39, 73, and 59 will be the winning lotto numbers tomorrow. You have the same chance of getting a return with either investment!

  2. Most of Reliance Funds are good . Not to mention the Indian Stock market returns are making all Mutual Funds give good returns. Problem with one sectoral Mutual fund is that the risk associated is more . My suggestion will be to go for broad based Mutual funds You can go on site http://www.moneycontrol.com and see what are good funds with history. New Fund offers does not mean cheap MF so it is always recommended to go for old tested funds . Reliance RSF equity I think has given 203 % returns in 2 years !

  3. no one can predict this in stock

    if you see reliance has good share value

    u can invest ……………………………….but all mutal fund has risk factors read it before investing

  4. let us hope it does give good return. it all depends on the stock market.
    no Mutual fund can gurrantte any returns at all. Please note that carefully.

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