5 Replies to “I want to invest in Reliance Infrastructure mutual fund 2009. What is the scope of the fund ?”

  1. Tata has again come up with a fund which is having a good scope in future and having a theme with a huge potential in future. … I want to see the NAV of Tata Indo Global Infrastructure Mutual Fund on a regular basis. Where can I find this? … DEAR Sir; In which mutual fund we can invest? please do guide us…

  2. Infrastructure development is a priority of the govt. This sector is expected to give good returns. Go ahead.

    Good lcuk ! have a nice day !

  3. hi,
    infrastrucure is growing sector, more investment (by govt) is compulsory for developing country like us.
    hence it infra will boom in years to come.
    since the UPA govt has majority and no alliance this sentiment also boosts the sector.
    so you can very well invest in that. keep longer time frame. don’t hurry to redeem the fund.


  4. I highly recommend this fund. New govt. will pay maximum attention to infrastructure development. Buy this mutual fund
    You can read more about this fund. see source

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