i want to invest in PPF. can anyone give me deatailes about it.?

I want to invest in PPF. Can anyone give me details about it? Can I open PPF in banks or I have to do it in post office only. Can I open my PPF a/c in bank of Maharashtra? Can I change the amount in any year? E.g. suppose I opt for 15 year PPF and want to start PPF by rs.200 p.m. Then can i change it to Rs. 400 p.m. In second year onwards. in short can I change deposit amount at any time?

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  1. There are agents of SBI PPF as PPF can be done thru SBI as of date and no other known agency can do it. Better get in touch with him,you can get in touch by gettting contact details from the SBI branch. coz they do not advertize themselves that much enough

  2. Hi, given below is the link for details of PPF


    Regarding your queries.
    Its better to open PPF in bank if you are permanently staying at one city, otherwise opt for Post-Office.
    You usually can open your account in SBI, but also in Bank of Maharashtra.
    Minimum and must investment amount is 500/yr & Maximum is 70000/yr.
    You can put any amount ( total upto 70000/yr) any no. of times in PPF.
    But one tip – Try to put maximum amount at start of financial year like before 5th April, so that you get full one year of interest which is compounded.

    Hope this clears your doubt on PPF. If you want any more details, consult your CA / Financial Planner

  3. You can open an PPF account in any of the SBI branches near your place. All you need to do is carry with you a couple of Photos, Proof of Identity (say Passport, Ration Card,Driving License etc) and some cash (no limit) to deposit into your account. The amount and frequency of payments are up to your choice. You can make an initial deposit of Rs. 500/- and need not deposit even a single rupee for as long as you want. That means, you can change your deposit amount anytime you wish. But, please note that while the deposits into PPF earn you about 8.5% interest & also earn you tax rebate under section 80C, they have a slight disadvantage of a lock-in period of 8 years.

    If you are young, then don’t worry .. go ahead, open your PPF account and try to save a lil bit in this account. It will be a bit of hedging when you put the rest in Mutual Funds , GETFs. I will recommend PPF to ppl who are in their early 40s and without any major commitments for next 6-7 yrs.

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