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  1. I ran across a website entitled computershare.com. It is real. You can get good information there. You can invest. They have a number where you can call and talk to real people.

  2. Small investments
    made regularly can become BIG SUMS over a period of years.
    An investment of Rs 500 every month, over a
    working life time can grow to over Rs 43 lakhs at an average return of 15% pa.

    # No need to time the market
    # Get better rupee cost averaging
    # Lower Risk And Better Returns
    # Instills Discipline in Investing

    * Assuming a working life span from Age 25 to 58yrs. Total amount saved would be just Rs 1.98 Lakhs.
    Start Systematic Investment (SIP)
    Pru ICICI Dynamic Plan
    Magnum Global Fund
    Reliance Growth Fund
    Sundaram Select Midcap

  3. You are so unsophisticated as an investor that you scare me… TALK TO A BROKER… before you throw all your assets away… If you really DO have $ 3-4,000 a month to invest, ANY GOOD BROKERAGE HOUSE would be happy to help you.

    If you are dumb enough to try it on your own,just rmember the saying that “a sucker is born every minute”… well… THAT is what happens to wild eyed people who think they are going to get rich in the stock market by doing it on their own.

  4. Pls note that if you are a long term ( 3 to 4 years plus) then you can invest in following growth schemes :
    1.Sector Funds : Reliance Banking, Tata Infrastructure , DSPML Tiger,
    2. Mid Cap Funds : Reliance Growth, Stan Chart Premier,DSPML Small & Mid Cap Fund

    All above are expected to give better returns than other diversified funds

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