I want to invest in mutual funds but i don’t know how to choose mutual funds. can any expert help me ?

i m 19 years n wanna start my carreer in investing .plz tell me which factors should b considered in selection of mutual funds n can i expect 12-15% return on long term????
plz help me…

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  1. Choose mutual funds with low expense provisions (no commissions, less than 1% expenses, and no 12b-1 fees)

    No, you can’t expect 12-15% return. Assume a return of 6% and be happy.

  2. Just so you know, Mutual funds aren´t for everyone. Personally, I wouldn´t invest in them unless I had to. For more detail on that, just do a search for where I´ve addressed this question in other answers.

    However to answer your question, there are several rankings of mutual funds, keeping in mind that past performance does not guarantee future results. I’d also stick to no load funds so you don’t get “as” soaked on fees, etc.

    Here are some of the sources with appropriate link.

    Lots of sources for Mutual fund reports that you´re looking for. Here are some.

    Money Magazine




    And you may want to take a look at this article on mutual funds too just so you have a little more info if you´ve got tax concerns.


    Ideally, you’d diversify by picking great stocks. Here’s a great stock grader that free and supported by a true philanthropist wanting to help out traders like us.


    As for learning about trading, please see

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Hope that helps!

  3. If you are working, make sure you use a Roth IRA
    along with any investments you make.
    I have the perfect fund company that may give you
    the 12 to 15% return your looking for. TR Price
    1 800 638 5660 and the symbol of the funds are:
    PRHSX PRNHX PRWCX All have low fees. You can
    check them out on http://www.morningstar.com
    enter the 5 letter symbol in the quote box.

  4. This is difficult! Traditionally the way is to pick the investment firms and/or fund managers that have done consistently well in the past. Not so sure it is as easy nowadays. Firstly you need to select the area of investment you prefer and then see what funds are available and how well they have done in the past.
    I would think that equity markets could do well over the next 2-3 years (or longer) and therefore I would go for that. But then if I were doing that I would go for a passive tracker fund such as an Index ETF. Another way to do it is a structured product, and you COULD do this yourself.

  5. You may go through the current issue of Out Look Money magazine and read their comment of OLM 50 and select good Mutual Fund.

  6. 12-15% is probably just a bit out of range to expect over the long term. Historically mutual funds that focus on small cap companies have come the closest over the long term. Nothing can predict the future.

    Morningstar is generally recognized as THE rating organization for mutual funds.
    There is also a daily newspaper that has some wonderful research and charts where you might start your search. That paper is “Investors Business Daily”. check out http://www.investors.com for a free trial.

    Consider the track record of at least 10 years of the funds. One or 2 year records don’t necessarily tell you much.

    Be aggressive. You will have to be in order to pursue the returns you asked about over the long term.

    Talk to 3 local financial advisors. Most are happy to share key information with you. Maybe you will be completely happy with one of them and work with them, maybe you will take the info and go off on your own. But talk to local experts. heck, maybe even some sort of business professor at the local Community College can give you good direction.

    Good luck. … be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful.

  7. Mutual fund scheme is to be selected on the following criteria.
    The scheme should have minimum 50 crore in investment.
    Comparison of scheme with its benchmark and how has the scheme performed especially in a volatile environment.
    Exit load when selling units of the scheme.
    Visit http://www.moneycontrol.com
    Some good equity oriented schemes are given below.
    ICICI focused bluechip fund (G)
    Kotak Select Focus fund (G)
    Reliance Regular Saving fund(G)
    SBI Magnum Balanced fund
    L&T Eqitry fund(G)

    Investor has to select a price at which he can exit the scheme and its impact on overall return.

  8. You don’t pick Mutual funds you just buy them from a dealer the mutual funds are stock picks which the company who sells them pick.

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