I want to invest down payment Rs. 50000 along with additional monthly Rs.5000. What is the best plan for me?

I am totally new to Mutual Fund and don’t want to invest in Insurance policy. I want to invest Rs.50000 as down payment followed by monthly investment of Rs.5000.What are the other option available for me for greater returns. Please advise?

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  1. Most mutual funds have automatic investment plans that will let you buy a certain amount each month automatically, and then they waive many fees and minimums.

  2. Dear surjit

    Before i suggest you i need some information about you like whats age now, whats your monthly income, whats your liability and whats your goal. you did not communicate these think it is play crucial role in finical planing. I suppose you are long term investor . invest 50000 throw STP (systematic investment plan ) within one year in good large cap fund like HDFC TOP 200, DSPBR TOP 100. Do SIP in three different fun and different segment 2000 in good mid cap small cap fund 2000 in sectoral fund and rest 1000 in contra fund.
    mutual fund investment are subject to market risk pleas OD carefully before inviting

  3. It is good to invest in mutual funds on regular basis. Instead of putting all your money in one fund, diversify it across 2 to 3 good schemes with a well established performance track record. Choose atleast 2 well diversified large cap funds and spread your initial investment by investing Rs. 25,000 into each scheme and also continue to invest Rs. 2,500 on monthly basis in both the schemes. Also note that you have to be a KYC compliant inorder to invest Rs. 50,000 in a single mutual fund scheme.

    Your selection of a mutual fund would depend upon your age, risk appetite, investment objectives among host of other factors. Ideally invest in a fund which follows sound investment systems and processes.

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