6 Replies to “I want to invest about Rs 10 lac and expect yearly income of about Rs 90000/ pm. How should I plan.?”

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  2. Did you realise that you are hoping to get returns of 108% a year ( by investing u r hoping to get 90000/- per month so it works out to 9% per month and 108% year ).

    Nobody offers such high returns. Thinking of getting such high returns by investing your hard earned money will lead you to very very risky investments. Since you have mentioned about pension, clearly means you are senior enough to not take such risks and associated headaches and tensions.

    Please rethink even if somebody offers you such hugh returns.

  3. Only share mkt can give you such huge return even though there is s huge risk to be taken.Instead of thinking of taking return per month if you consider of calculating it per year then it would be much easier to achieve because equities give best return when it is invested for long term.According to direct tax code for income upto Rs 10 lacs income tax is 10%.So you can invest in some tax savings mutual fund like Principal tax savings fund, SBI tax savings , Magnum taxgain etc where you can get tax benefit as well as the return of stock mkt.The discussed fund have given 60 -70% tax free return last year.

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    [email protected]

  4. As far as I understand, you require rs 90,000/- yearly income with an investment of Rs 10 lacs which works out to be 9% rate of return. This amount is very much acievable.

    If you invest in Post office MIS, you will get a return of 8% without any risk. But max amount that can be invested in this scheme is Rs 9 lacs that too if joint holders.

    So I would suggest that you invest in monthly income scheme of mutual fund which invests about 70-90% in fixed income securities (risk free) and the remaining in equities to give excess return. They aim to generate about 9-10% yearly returns which exactly suits your requirement. I would suggest that you invest in two good MIP plans of MF so that you can achieve your goal.

    I am an AMFI certified mutual fund advisor and can be contacted at [email protected] or 0120 4224336 for any further advice.

    Swarup Mallik

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