2 Replies to “I want to invest 500/month(SIP) in uti oppurtunities,uti wealthbuilderII,HDFC Top200 &HDFC Prudence Funds.?”

  1. Well, before I answer the question I must tell you that no one mutual fund scheme is suitable for everyone for investment. Different people have different risk profile, investment need and different goals in life and their mutual fund scheme selection would depend on various factors.

    Considering that you ant to invest for 5-10 years, I would say that a good equity fund with a bit of mid cap stock exposure would be a good investment proposition for you. You can invest in:
    1. reliance growth fund
    2. franklin flexi cap fund

    Both these funds have strong track record, are backed by reputed fund houses and will be good place to invest your money for the long term.

    If you want to kno more about these schemes, you can ask a good mutual fund advisor. You could consider asking an expert on: http://www.arihantcapital.com/contact-us/ask-question.aspx

    Among the funds you mentioned, HDFC Top 200 is a very good fund. But it is large cap bias. for a 5-10 yrs horizon, a midcap fundmay generate better returns (But would come with a little more risk, but for higher returns you always got to take a little igh risk)

  2. Select combination of large cap, midcap and equity diversified funds.

    1. Reliance Growth Fund: Midcap Fund
    2. HDFC Top 200: Large cap.
    3. Sundaram Tax Saver: Diversified.
    4.ICICI Prudential tax saver: diversified.

    Since your horizone is more than 5 yrs, no problem for tax savers.

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