6 Replies to “I want to invest 3000/month for my 1yr.old daughter,Which one will give highest returns after 15 years?”

  1. Any major mutual fund. Over the decades, including recessions, depressions, etc., the mutual funds have always, always made money.

  2. If you don’t have an idea about stocks then its better to take one of the long term mutual fund sips since your time horizon is 15 years it will give you the best returns. Make a mix of PPF and SIP. PPF will be good stable option to reduce risk. As of now sundaram is also a good fund.

  3. If you are comfortable with ULIPS, you can buy child ULIP plan. Since you are looking for 15 years, ULIP is a good option.
    Second alternative is that you invest in (say 2) diversified MF thru SIP & buy a term insurance.
    Third alternative is that you put the money in PPF and buy term insurance. This one is for people who don’t want to invest in equity.
    Check out the link for child education planning.


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