9 Replies to “i want to invest 2000/month in mutual fund for 10 years,which is the best fund for tody?”

  1. There is no such thing. There may be the best Mutual Fund (or Funds) for you, based on your asset allocation model, but you haven’t given us that or any information about yourself.

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    Are you really going to have strangers, people that you’ll never know their qualifications or motives, pick a fund that risks your entire financial future? Are you chasing past performance?…… because that’s what you’ll get……. the right funds for yesterday…. not tomorrow.

  2. So many best funds are there. May select best two funds and invest 1000 rs each.You can select such best funds from websites and magazines.

  3. The question of good or bad does not arise, if you are investment monthly. The concept behind investing monthly is, it does cost averaging of the price over the period of investment. So, any volatile good or bad fund will give you excellent return.

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  4. because i don’t have expertise knowledge about investing in stock-market but i want to get my money work for me,as economy grow

  5. You need to allocate your funds in Large Cap Funds, Mid cap Funds, etc etc.

    Assuming its your first investment in MF, i would suggest you to go after Large cap funds like HDFC Top 200 Fund, Birla Sun Life Front Line Equity Fund.

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  6. Gajanan

    Past performance does not guarantee future results. Rule No:1 Don’t buy funds based on how they performed in the past. Past performance IS NOT an indicative of future results. Most mutual fund companies boasts about their top performing mutual funds. You can see their 2 or 5 year average annual returns in graphs and numbers. But can they sustain the trend? You need to look at the fund Manager, Expense ratios, etc. Read my blog below and you will understand

  7. It is good to invest in mutual funds on regular basis. Instead of putting all your money in one fund, diversify it across 2 to 3 good schemes with a well established performance track record. Choose atleast 2 well diversified large cap funds and spread your initial investment.

    Your selection of a mutual fund would depend upon your age, risk appetite, investment objectives among host of other factors. Ideally invest in a fund which follows sound investment systems and processes. In case you encounter problems in selecting the same you may contact Personal FN.

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