7 Replies to “I want to invest 1000rs per month till 15 years what is best option and maximum return. I am 28 years old.?”

  1. LIC mutual fund investment will be the best at this stage.
    Visit Help Desk at LIC office or contact an LIC agent who will guide you into the investment.

  2. Check out for SIP it would give u good returns, if 1000 per month i suggest systematic investment plan can give u returns upto 30% if u r looking at long term.

  3. Invest in Recurring deposit either in post office / Bank/UTI RBF(Retirment Benefit fund) scheme. It gives you reasonable and safe returns. Please do not compare the returns with stock market or real estate investments since they are risky with high returns either losses or gains. If your appetite is for risk and high returns stock markets through mutual funds are good.
    Important point is that your goal of your investment decides the choice of the scheme in which your funds are to be invested.

  4. PPF is the best.
    the account can be opened at SBI or BOB or any post office.it will give
    income tax benefit too.
    don’t go for mutual funds-equity.

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