5 Replies to “I want to inest Rs 1000 per month in ICICI Prudential Top 100 Mutual fund .?”

  1. .I think Mandy you should talk to an insurance broker about your finances.Don’t accept what they say as gospel.Double check with a different broker

  2. You have already invested in HDFC top 100 fond. Now avoid investing in mutual funds. Instead you may invest in Bank FD and any other instruments.

  3. That should be a good option. None of the other fixed savings give returns like equity savings. So go ahead and invest, but be aware about the market risks too… Sometimes you may not even get your principal amount back…

  4. As you already have a fund in large cap HDFC top 200 is good, but again investing in another large cap not good, I would suggest you to invest in a small & medium cap fund, but also depends on how much risk you want to take, small & medium are a little risky, it again depends how long you want to keep, the longer the better always in equities…

  5. I think there is no such bad thing that you are going to invest in both mutual funds but i must suggest you that be careful before you take any decision must take expert advice.I just invest in Religare Online mutual fund and really got best services from them.

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