I want sell my UTI Infrastructure Advantage Fund series-I. How much will I get ?

I have Rs. 10,000/- UTI Infra Adv Fund Series I,
Where to sell and how much will I get.
I am in difficulty and i need money urgent.
Thank you…

I want sell my UTI Infrastructure Advantage Fund series-I. How much will I get ?
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6 Replies to “I want sell my UTI Infrastructure Advantage Fund series-I. How much will I get ?”

  1. I cannot tell you will get as I don’t know how many units you are holding or the date you have brought with that Rs:10,000.

    The funds current value is Rs.8.90
    So you can multiply it (Rs.8.90) with the no of units you holds and you will get the total amount you have now in this fund.

    You can watch its daily per unit price at the below link.
    If you can tell me about the date you have purchased this fund I can tell you the exact amount you are getting.

    Inorder to sell the fund you need to go to the UTI Mutual Fund Office near to you. Or you can ask at Axis bank(uti bank) about how to sell.

    For more information you may contact me by going to my profile page(click on my name to go to the profile page) and email from the email link there.


    Thank you for reading.

  2. Am afraid to tell, the fund is under performing and you would not get the same amount you have invested as the markets are performing low (8,850) would be current value, probably. and in addition there will some exit load and more over it is a closed ended i guess… it would be more loss and loss deal..

  3. Contact one of the Agents at your place, give the him transaction slip properly written and signed and ask him to deposit the same. He knows where to deposit and wait for the Redemption Cheque.

  4. To redeem is very easy, either through the transaction slip attached to your statement or just write a one line request for redemption.

    My advice is to hold it for some more time. If you redeem it now there would be a capital lose. The current NAV is less than purchase price.

    good luck !!!

  5. I invested Rs;25000 in UTI Infrastructure advantage fund ser 1 on 23-01-2008 . Now I will get less than Rs;25000 .What is the reason when other mutual funds are getting a good amount higher then their investment.

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