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  1. hi

    Investing in real estate is a good idea. Now a days real estates are booming all over in India and in the world but you have to invest the money at least in bulk. Investing in agricultural land is advisable before that you try to buy the land in a main place or you can buy the land anywhere regardless of the worth. After 2 or more years, your land value become doubled or tripled as the demand rises. I don’t know about sinnar highway but be sure the land which is located is at least apt for living which has numerous sources, like bus facility, ample water facility, current facility, etc.. If all these conditions met, they you can go a head.

  2. You are thinking in right direction.
    You now take your right foot ahead, and act fast.
    You better consult a Property Dealer in Nasik for a piece of agricultural land on high way.


    You shall have a look about realestate investment in the source listed here.


    How NRI or PIO can start business in India ?

    1. Applying / getting PIO card. (Person of Indian origin card for NRI / PIO)

    This is must, PIO have the privilege visa free entry for fifteen years in India to do business and for investments even to purchase properties like all Indians.

    2. Getting PAN card towards all business and investment transactions.

    With out PAN CARD (permanent account number) of Indian income tax department, you cannot / should not make any business transactions above rupees 50,000/- in banks operations and tax operations. We are not going to explain with all tax information. Under request, this will be guided to you. For more information, you shall visit NRI knowledgebase.

    3. Selecting a right and highly profitable Indian business.

    Jumping into beautiful venture will not give beautiful results. Only profitable ventures are the trademark of a successful businessperson. So before starting business in India, you should think whether you business or investment is authorizes, permitted by Indian government. For this we have provided a separate section. That is what are the business and investment options permitted for NRI and PIO in India. Click here to have a look. You can also download the information as it is provided for the comfort ability of NRI / PIO who wish to do business in India.

    4. Selecting a right experienced person to plan your business and investments.
    Though there are many experts and business professionals in India, very few are dedicating their life and service for the betterment of the NRI / PIO. By throwing money, we can get everything in this world. However, there is a price for everything we do. Many persons are living to eat others. Therefore, you should select a best Indian partnership for best business and investment through reliable information and resources. We are ready to provide free information and resources to you under your request and response to this page. Only math and project plans wont give success in business and investments. Beyond this, there is lot of business ethics. If you like to know, Please write to us. We wont ask any money from you.

    5. Selecting a best business partner in India.

    Majority of NRI / PIO community is depending upon the relationships in India. In one end, it is useful, but in another end, they cannot maintain distances in business.

    Obviously, it is impossible for NRI / PIO to go into business on your own unless you want to move to India. If not, you need partners for your proposed venture. You will identify and select your partners based on their record of accomplishment, integrity, and other personal attributes.

    Be careful of the single and most common pitfall of going into business with your relatives and close friends based on your family relations or friendship. A great majority of NRI business ventures have met with disaster because of this ’emotional’ alliance. When the business collapses, you have lost not only your money and profitable business, but also a precious relationship.

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