3 Replies to “I want give Power of Attorney to a Property buyer in India. I would like to get the property value in bank dr?”

  1. I presume you are a NRI. While there is no difficulty in getting the remittance by a DD it. beingt is a routine bank transaction. Take care to see that the taxes leviable on the transaction are properly paid before obtaining the draft.

  2. you may like to edit the query – which very ambiguous.
    1.are you a power of attorney holder?
    2.are you a buyer of the property- through a power of attorney holder?
    3.is the payment to be made to the seller or again to a power of attorney holder on behalf of the seller?
    4.how about stamp duty payment?
    5.who will be registering the sale deed?
    are some of the points to be made clear.

  3. why not possible?

    You can put it as a condition for sale to give Bank Draft. Buyer will agree. Good Luck!

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