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  1. LIC introduced a new Ulip Plan on 2.9.10,(Pension Plus) which is in lieu of Market Plus (closed). This is a customer friendly plan where a minimum guaranteed return is assured. This is very much in tune with the recent IRDA guidelines where customer is benefitted, even on surrender after 5 years. For details please visit lic website or contact me: [email protected]

  2. ULIPs have become attractive after changes introduced by IRDA w.e.f. 1st September 2010.
    The returns in an ULIP and MF over a period of 10 years shall be almost equal.
    Do invest in ULIP depending on your investment horizon.

    If it is between 3-5 years invest in MF.

    For investment horizon of above 7 years do consider ULIPs.

  3. Boss, Simply follow ranjanka’s advice. And please dont fall in the trap of ULIPs/ any money-back insurance policy.
    Go for pure term insurance cover and if you dont believe in share market, go for PPF and postal RD
    If you do believe in share-market go for SIP in MFs.

  4. A good ULIP plan is one that allows you to fix your own premium, choose the funds you can invest in and also gives you the flexibility of fixing your own policy period. There are many plans out in the market, but only few give you the kind of flexibility.

    The Bajaj Allianz, Future Generali ‘Select Investment Plan’ and LIC are good ULIPs to choose from. Go check them out!

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