I want an insurance policy which covers accident, life, medical, children education and extended family?

I am looking for an insurance policy which covers overall life insurance for family with all benefits like
accident benefit (any of the family member)
Medical benefit (any disease or pain to any of family member)
Extended family (parents + in-laws)
Children education (in case parent disablement or death)
Term insurance (small term and long term) OR please suggest how many different plans I should opt to cover all the above benefits.

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  1. There is no such product and as it is the idea of bundling all into one is indeed a bad one.

    Take seperate policies for life (preferably a Term Insurance), and Health .

    Have a nice day!

  2. In North America there are companies that offer such policies, however I do not know if there are any where you live. You should find a life insurance agent near you and ask them to arrange this type of policy. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find this online.

  3. Hi,

    It would be ideal to go for separate Life and Medical Insurance Plans.

    For Life Insurance you can consider various LIC plans like Endowment Plans, Child Plans or combinations of plans which would serve your requirements.

    For Medical you could consider family floaters from Apollo Munich Health Insurance, National Insurance, etc.

    You can contact me on 09757332393 to discuss in detail and get the above products customized according to your requirement.

  4. Life insurance policy covers one person. If you want each family member to have a policy they can have their own.
    Medical insurance covers you, spouse and children only
    No health insurance for extended family. They have to buy their own
    Social Security provides benefits if a parent is disabled or dies
    There is whole, life and term insurance. You should speak with an independent insurance agent.

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