3 Replies to “I took Bajaj Allianz Unit gain Rs. 25K annual premium in Apr 2005. Please advise whether to hold or withdraw?”


    Regular Premium :
    New UnitGain Super
    UnitGain Plus Gold
    New UnitGain Plus
    New UnitGain
    YoungCare Plus
    New FamilyGain-R

    Single Premium :
    New UnitGain Premier SP
    New UnitGain Plus SP

    There are so many Unit Gains from Bajaj Allianz. All are ULIPs.

    The initial charges in a ULIP, which are deducted from your premium, are so high that the amount available for investment in the fund is small and hence you cannot recover your premium paid even after 5 years.

    Also the initial surrender values are very small.

    Regarding profitability beyond lock-in period, wait for 10 to 15 years.

  2. Just go & inquire about the fund value from Bajaj Allianz office. You will be surprised that fund value is not more then half of investments

    This is not just because of the market downturns. but due to high premium allocation charges & monthly admin charges.

    As you are already invested, I will advice you to continue for complete term of the policy as allocation charges will be less in later years.

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