2 Replies to “I started bajaj allianz capital unit gain policy in 2007. i am in need of cash. what will be the total amount?”

  1. Brother you wont be able to withdraw so soon and your capital will be eroded a lot by now.. pls stay in it for another 2 years

  2. To access your policy information on line you need to register your account. Upon registration you should be able to find the currebt surrender value.

    Here is a link to the New User Registration page on the Bajaj Allianz web site:


    If you want to know about your policy’s value here is a link to the net asset value (NAV) page (but keep in mind the current value will not be the same as the surrender value):


    And finally, if none of the above links does it for you then just go to the customer service page here to contact the company directly:


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