I require to take educational loan for my sons higher studies abroad. The easy way?

Whic is the organisation in india providing educational laon for higher studies abroad whos process is simples and interest rate is less. Kindly guide me with the different sites containing the material.

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  1. I heard icici bank offer cheap educational loan with insurance for students who are traveling abroad.I heard some of my friends have bought ICICI student insurance through ICICI representative Jai talreja 09930365357

  2. For a student to finance his educational costs had never been as easier as it is now. Earlier on if you or your family could not support the educational costs then there was no hope of continuing studies. But now the student loans have changed the entire scenario.


    For the unsecured no collateral is required and the amount offered is small. So, it is essential to calculate the total requirement of finance for picking the right loan.Such loans will not let you spend extra money while you pursue the course.

  3. Yes you can do it. studying abroad is a very complex and I would not misguide you. Best thing would be to seek as many advice from experts as possible. Participate in online forums etc and post your questions.

    Maybe you can try GenieTalks. They provide free guidance and personal counseling to all students.


    Let me know if you need more help. hope this helps


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