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  1. Hai Friend

    you need to invest 1lakh na, better you select ICICI, BAJAJ ALLIANZ insurence policies like 5 or 3 yrs plan, you will find a good growth of your amount and also you can withdraw your amount after 3 yrs with a good profit.

    Before invest check out the percentage of invest in your name

    ICICI – 72% as investment and balance as documentation and maintainence charge.

    Bajaj – 86% as investment and balance for doc and maintainence charge.

    Here if the incoming percentage is high you will get high returns and also its right time to invest the NAV in ICICI is 22 rupees per share and bajaj is 19.80 and growth rate of bajaj is high comparing to ICICI.

  2. The best invstment in India tht u can do is to invest ur money in shares and because it is the only where your money doesnt add in a number but it multplies wid ech other so my suggestion purchase some or the other energy share

  3. invest in share market for best returns. U can invest in stocks
    like power grid or ntpc these are the good long term as well short term stocks and the risk is very safe in these stocks.

  4. Invest in Indian stock market. I give hereunder following reasons:

    Investment in gold, silver is not remunerative, it takes long time to appreciate.

    Investment in land or house property requires more funds.
    You require large amount. Rs. one lac is insufficient.

    In shares you can earn handsome return. No liquidity problem. Market is consolidating. It is proper time to invest in shares. For example select script like RNRL, PETRONET LNG.

  5. for 1lac mutaul fund of SBI, reliance, tata, sundaram, birla sunlife, etc are very good
    birla infrastructure fung
    SBI magnum tax saver is also nice nd also gives u tax benefit
    there r many good mutual fund like this
    u can even invest in share market wher u can buy shares lik:
    GMR INFRA-best buy in my eyes
    GMDC LTD-best buy in my eyes
    RPL & RNRL
    these shares will 100% will give u more thn 125% returns in a year…..all these are multibaggers

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