I need finance expert suggestion for saving money!?

I am a Delhi based working girl. I want to start saving my hard earned money (Yess!! till now i have not even bother about it but now i wanna secure my future and double my saved money if possible). Please suggest me the best plan available in market which is secure and gives good returns.
Hy… i am not a trading freak.. No idea for trading/ dmat account. Please give me details/ link/ tips for operating the account. I will be grateful for you.

Apart from trading what else i can opt. Plz help!!

Thanx in advance.

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  1. Pls open immediately a Trading /Demat account with SBICAPS ltd. Thats the safest and shortest way to double your money easily . Start with smaller amounts, for example, say Rs 10000 like that. All the best

  2. Best option available as of now, which is most secured and tax saving is PPF ( Public Provident Fund ). Open an account with SBI or Post office and you can save from Rs. 500 P.A to 100000/- per annum. This is gurranted by Govt. of India and hence the safest. This amount saved is tax deductable. The rate of interest is decided by the govt. every year depending upon various factors like inflation etc. But 7.5 % you can take as average figure. The a/c is for fixed 15 years and can be extended for 5 years at a time and can maximum reach to 30 years depending upon your requirement.

  3. madam,
    Please do not go for trading in the share market but make an investment in the share market. Trading is very risky and in most of the cases it is observed that people loose the money while making trading in the share market.Divide the fund(your saving) into four part. One part should be liquid in the shape of FD in the bank and the second on should be invested in the PPF which is secured and the third one in insurance and the fourth part should be invested in the share market on monthly basis for the returns in the long term. If you follow this principle you never loose your hard earned money. http://www.sharefundaz.com

  4. Recurring Deposit account with sbi or any nationalized bank will be suitable and good for you, you can choose an amount that suits you to put in every month regularly for a pre- determined period,

  5. Thats really nice that u started thinking about investment 🙂

    I wouldn’t suggest you investing your hard earned money in share market/trading .. i would recommend having some secured investment plan offered by insurance companies like HDFC Life for betterment of your future. You don’t have to be tensed each time like you invest in trading market so better option i too personally prefer is http://www.hdfclife.com/Products/SavingsPlans/Savings-investment-Plans.aspx

    You can go through those savings/investment plan and choose the best plan whichever suitable for your needful

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