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  1. Definitely yr document date will be after 31st march and certainly u will entitled for the next year only and not previous year.

  2. Now a days it will not be passable due to computerization. Investment in mutual funds is not at all passable. Forget that idea totally.

  3. yeah u can , but not in mutual fund (tax saver). u can invest ur money in lic profit gain or market plus plan, its just like mutual funds. three year locking period. but u have to do it now only, call ur nearest lic agent imdtly. today also it is poosible.

  4. That is not possible.
    Any investment after 31st March will not be considered for tax exemption. This is a common mistake most people commit – waiting for the last moment for complete the formalities. At the end of the year you will have to make a lot of adjustments and almost the entire income has to be paid to tax saving schemes.
    A better option is SIPs – Systematic Investment Plans
    Divide the amount you want to invest into tax saving schemes into 12 – and pay equal instalments every month. By the end of the year you may be a relaxed man.
    Start paying now – and relax !!